This site accumulates my thoughts and ideas in an informal environment.  There is not much organization to it so feel free to surf around.

My work deals with housing, mortgage markets, finance, and real estate. I use applied statistical techniques on extremely large datasets to research and analyze policy issues at national, state, and local levels.

My site's two most frequently visited webpages are on LaTeX and StataThe popularity of those pages is driven by two specialized videos that have drawn over 150K hits on my geeky YouTube channel.  I made the videos a while back for my students while teaching but I never envisioned viewers and classes using them around the world.  Out of curiosity and after having benefited from online reviews without "paying it forward", I started to write reviews on Amazon (my profile teeters around the top 5000 ranking) and Yelp (made the Elite squad!)I remain intrigued by how technology and social media can translate small personal actions into larger social impacts.

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