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PDF versions of my CV and resume
2012 Ph.D. in Economics, Florida State University.
2010  M.S. in Economics, Florida State University.
2005 Post-Graduate studies in Development, Universidad del Valle, Guatemala. 
2004  B.S. in Mathematics-Economics and Urban Studies, Cum LaudeFurman University.  
2000  H.S. diploma, Valedictorian, Lincoln High School.  

Research Mortgage finance, risk management, housing, property taxation, law & economics.
Policy House price indexes, mortgage performance, credit risk transfers, capital policy.
Teaching Real estate, urban economics, econometrics, public finance, land use regulations.


1. "House Price Markups and Mortgage Defaults." (with P. Carrillo and W. Larson). FHFA Working Paper 18-02, 2018. Awarded the best paper in 2018 in real estate valuation by the American Real Estate Society.
2. "Robust Metropolitan House Price Indices." (with S. Bourassa and M. Hoesli).
3. "A New Home Affordability Estimate: What Share of Housing Stock Can Families Afford?" (with C. Chung, et al). FHFA Working Paper 18-04, 2018. Awarded the best paper in 2019 by a practicing professional by the American Real Estate Society.


1. "Local House Price Dynamics: New Indices and Stylized Facts." (with A. Bogin and W. Larson). Real Estate Economics, 47(2), 365-398, 2019. Lead article. Open access. Coverage: Calculated Risk, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, NBC News, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post. Earlier version: FHFA Working Paper 16-01. Open access.
2. "Local House Price Paths: Accelerations, Declines, and Recoveries." (with A. Bogin and W. Larson). Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 58(2), 201-222, 2019. Earlier version: FHFA WP 16-02Open access.
3. "Missing the Mark: Mortgage Valuation Accuracy and Credit Modeling." (with A. Bogin and W. Larson). Financial Analysts Journal, 75(1), 32-47, 2019. Awarded the best paper in 2016 in real estate market analysis by the American Real Estate Society. Coverage: National Mortgage News. Earlier version: FHFA Working Paper 16-04.
4. "Property Renovations and Their Impact on House Price Index Construction." (with A. Bogin). Journal of Real Estate Research, 41(2), 249-283, 2019. Awarded the best paper in 2017 in real estate valuation by the American Real Estate Society. Earlier version: FHFA Working Paper 17-02.
5. "
How Low Can House Prices Go? Estimating a Conservative Lower Bound." (with A. Bogin and S. Bruestle). Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 54(1), 97-116, 2017. Coverage: Calculated Risk, GARP, HousingWire, Inside Mortgage Finance, RealtyTrac. Awarded the best paper in 2015 in real estate cycles by the American Real Estate Society. Earlier version: FHFA WP 15-1.  Open access.
6. "Overlooked Market Risk Shocks: Prepayment Uncertainty and Option-Adjusted Spreads." (with A. Bogin and N. Polkovnichenko). Journal of Fixed Income, 26(2), 5-15, 2016. Lead article. Open access. Earlier version: FHFA WP 15-3 Open access.
7. "Distressed Sales and the FHFA House Price Index." (with A. Leventis). Journal of Housing Research, 24(2), 127-146, 2015. Lead article. Coverage: WSJ blog, Appraisal Institute, HousingWire, Mortgage Bankers Association, Mortgage News Daily, and Mortgage Orb. Earlier version: FHFA WP 13-1.
8. "The Role of Representative Agents in the Property Tax Appeals Process." (with K. Ihlanfeldt). National Tax Journal, 68(1), 59-92, 2015.
9. "An Empirical Analysis of the Property Tax Appeals Process." (with K. Ihlanfedlt). Journal of Property Tax Assessment & Administration, 10(4), 5-34, 2014. Lead article.
10. "Generating Historically-Based Stress Scenarios Using Parsimonious Factorization." (with A. Bogin). Journal of Risk Finance, 15(5), 591-611, 2014. Coverage: Global Association of Risk Professionals (webcast) and Emerald (video). Earlier version: FHFA WP 13-2Awarded Outstanding Paper of 2014 by the publisher and was the journal's most downloaded article published that year. Downloaded more than 1500 times.
11. "Collective Bargaining and Job Benefits in Florida Municipal Police Agencies, 2000-2009" (with W. G. Doerner). American Journal of Criminal Justice, 38(4), 657-677, 2013. 
12. “Police Accreditation and Clearance Rates." (with W. G. Doerner). Policing: IJPSM, 35(1), 6-24, 2012. Lead article. Received Highly Commended Paper Award as one of the journal's most impressive pieces in 2012.
13. City Government Structure: Are Some Institutions Undersupplied?" (with K. Ihlanfeldt). Public Choice, 149(2), 109-132, 2011.
14. House Prices and City Revenues" (with K. Ihlanfeldt). Regional Science and Urban Economics, 41(4), 332-342, 2011. Coverage included the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta (blogpodcast, iTunes) and Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (Land Lines). 
15. Collective Bargaining and Job Benefits: The Case of Florida Deputy Sheriffs." (with W. G. Doerner). Police Quarterly, 13(4), 367-386, 2010.
16. The Diffusion of Accreditation Among Florida Police Agencies.” (with W. G. Doerner). Policing: IJPSM, 32(4), 781-798, 2009.

Conferences & Workshops American Economic Association, American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association, American Real Estate Society, Association for Budgeting and Financial Management, Federal Housing Finance Agency, Federal Reserve Banks (Atlanta, Richmond, Philadelphia), Homer Hoyt Institute, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, National Association of Realtors, National Tax Association, North American Regional Science Council Meeting, Southern Economic Association, Urban Institute, Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Treasury (Financial Stability Oversight Board & Systemic Risk Committees).

Kinnard Young Scholar Award (2020, ARES), Research Fellow (2018, Institute of Real Estate Finance and Management), American Real Estate Society Best Paper (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, & 2019), Emerald's Outstanding Paper (2014), Emerald's Highly Commended Paper Award (2013), C. Lowell Harriss Dissertation Fellowship (2011, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy), Dept. of Economics Dissertation Fellowship (2011, FSU), Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award (2004, SCJA), Summer Research Scholar (2003, Furman).
Teaching University Outstanding Teaching Award (2011 & nominated 2010, FSU), Charles E. Rockwood Graduate Student Teaching Award (2011, FSU), Dewey F. Bartlett Fellowship (2008, FSU), Furman Advantage Teaching Fellowship (2004).

Two federally recognized trademarks (2020). Agency awards for "excellence in management" and "excellence in teamwork" (2019), Commissioner for Prince George's County Planning Board (2016-present), City of Hyattsville Planning Committee (2015-2016), Ambassadorial Scholarship to Guatemala (2005, Rotary), Hipp Fellowship to Costa Rica (2002, Furman).
CoverageAppraisal Institute, C-SPAN, Calculated Risk, Chicago Tribune, Emerald Group Publishing, Global Association of Risk Professionals, HousingWire, Inside Mortgage Finance, Mortgage Bankers Association, Mortgage News Daily, National Mortgage News, NBC News, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post.

Land Use Regulations (Housing & Case Law), Econometrics, Principles of Microeconomics. 
Graduate TA:
Microeconomic Theory, Econometrics, Limited Dependent Variable Models. 
Undergrad TA:
Market Ethics, Introduction to Economic Thinking, Principles of Macroeconomics, Principles of Microeconomics. 

American Economic Association (AEA), American Real Estate Society (ARES), American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA), National Tax Association (NTA), Regional Science Association International (RSAI), Southern Economic Association (SEA), Southern Criminal Justice Association (SCJA), Omicron Delta Epsilon.
Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Journal of Real Estate LiteratureJournal of Risk FinanceNational Tax Journal, Public Finance Review, Policing: IJPSM, Regional Science and Urban EconomicsUrban Studies
GIS, LaTeX, SAS, Stata, R. Adobe, MS Office Suite. MS Windows, Linux/Unix.

Languages:  English (native) and Spanish (fluent).