A somewhat random assortment of links that can be handy.


Learning: Howstuffworks, Slashdot
Buy cheap: Pricewatch, Newegg
Inspirational videos: TED

Adobe Reader
Audio/Video: Camstudio (video & screen capture), Audacity (audio, get its MP3 plugin)
Backup files online: Google DriveMozyBox.net
Browsers: Mozilla Firefox, GoogleChrome ... Apache to test websites
Cheap corporate needs: DimDim (free web videoconferencing), LogMeIn (remote CPU access), Citrix
Data visualization: Tableau
GIS: ArcGIS from ESRI, GoogleEarth
Graphics: Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Inkscape (vector graphics)
LaTeX: My notes on it, MikTex, WinEdt, Lyx
Malicious protection: AVG, SpyBot, DeleteTemp script I wrote for MS Windows
Math/Statistical programs: Matlab, Stata, Stat/Transfer, R, SAS
Resume in visual format: re.vu, vizualize.meflavors.meabout.me

VoIP: Skype (pay-as-you-go, improve video quality), Vonage (monthly plans), Gizmo Project (open-source pay-as-you-go), GoogleTalk (limited to more of IM chat but connect with Gizmo), VoipBuster (small app for limited calls)
WinZip - file compression
Word Processing: OpenOffice, GoogleDocs
Ubuntu - free distribution version of Linux.  You can download Wubi to install it directly from Windows as a dual boot.  Or you could download the Ubuntu ISO file and burn it to a CD.  


FSU Library has an Economics page with off-campus login access for articles
Finding articles: JSTOR, WebofKnowledge (forward and backward cross-references), EconLit on EBSCO, GoogleScholar, Social Sciences Full-Text
Journal Rankings: Social Sciences Citation Index via ISI Web of Science, IFs by IDEAS using RePEc data, ScienceWatch, Journal-Ranking.com. Article by Combes & Linnemer (2010)
Working papers: RePEc (research papers in econ), IDEAS (glorified online CV), ERN on SSRN (list serv to distribute working papers)
Non-technical article to read: Hal Varian's “How to Build an Economic Model in Your Spare Time

Data sources
Census: American FactFinder, County and City Data Books (UVA), Intl Data, Statistical Abstracts of U.S., Data Ferrett
Crime:  BJS, FBI UCR or Easy Access, ICPSR's UCR-County Level (careful with data), NACJD, NCVS, Sourcebook of CJ Stats
      Florida: CJAP (Agency characteristics), Dept of CorrectionsFDLE Statistical Center, Sexual offenders/predators, UCR
Florida: Agency for Workforce InnovationBEBR, Division of Elections, Dept of Education, Dept Financial Services' LOGEREDRLCIR
GIS: Census Cartographic Boundaries, National Historical GIS (NHGIS), FL Geo Data Library, FL Land Boundary Info Sys (LABINS), GIS User, USGS EROS
Housing: FHFA's HPIs, SF loan-level performance data from Fannie and Freddie
Micro: BLS, ILO-LaborSta, Significant Features of the Property Tax Database (Lincoln Institute)
Macro: IMFPenn World Table, UNESCO, UN Human Develop & PNUD, WorldBank Indicators, WTO
Polls/Surveys: American Community Survey (Census), American Housing Survey (HUD), American National Election Studies, American Time Use (BLS), Association of Religion Data Archives (ANES), Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (CDC), California Field Polls (UC-Berk), CISER and data source links (Cornell), iPoll (Roper Center), NLS (BLS), Panel Study of Income Dynamics (UMich)
Other: Data.gov, EconData.net, Economagic, FedStatsFSU COSS Archive, ICPSR, Journal of Applied Econometrics
Programs: URL2File (download web sites), WebContentExtractor (web crawler to download data), WinWget (wget for Win platforms), Zamzar (convert PDF documents)

This site's economics page has additional information on what to read, applying to grad school, what to expect while there, and the job market.

Google products

Gmail - 2+GB of e-mail for free
Analytics - insights about website traffic (like StatCounter)
Books - partial and complete previews online
Sites Creator - web site creation with a free, online application 
Sketchup - A 3D modeling program
Calendar - hooks into MS Outlook if you want. 
Voice - VoIP product that is probably my favorite behind Gmail.  Free call forwarding, unlimited SMS messaging, and an answering service that sends voice-to-text e-mails.  Integrates Gmail contact list so you can set up different messages for groups of people.  Can also select which of your phones ring at different times in the day.


Online personal finance organizers: Mint.com or Quicken Online
Online stock brokers: TDAmeritrade, Scottrade, ETrade, Schwab, or ShareBuilder with ING
Stock info: GoogleFinance or Yahoo!Finance
IRS - my favorite govt institution. Need forms, publications, instructions, or FAQs? How about info on state taxes?

People, culture, and memories

Arranging meetings: MeetWays & MeetMe (meet somewhere 1/2 way), Tungle (propose and schedule meetings)
eBooks/AudioBooks: GoogleBooks, Gutenberg.org, OverDrive
Music/Radio: Pandora, SpotifySlacker, Last.fm, Shoutcast, iHeartRadio
Pictures: Amazon Prime PhotosKodakgallery or Flickr. Editing programs: PhotoFunia or Picnik.
TV/Movies/Videos: YouTube, GoogleVideo, Hulu, Veoh

Travel and shopping

Cars: RepairPal, Kelley Blue Book, Consumer Reports, CarFax
Discount airlines: JetBlue, SouthwestSpirit
Ticket searching: Kayak, Orbitz, Priceline
Maps: GoogleMaps, YahooMaps, OpenStreetMap
Textbooks: AddALL, Abebooks, Half, Amazon
Yellow Pages: Switchboard, Google411 (1-800-GOOG-411)
Currency converter with XE