Opinion Editorial Articles

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Newspaper "opinion-editorials" and "letters to the editor" are exercises that fine-tune a writing style.  At the same time, the articles provide an opportunity to share ideas with the public and gauge their support---it's a way of giving something back for the opportunity to do what I love.  Here are selected pieces:

Tallahassee Democrat

“Beach access, protection at stake in Supreme Court.” December 5, 2009. Tallahassee Democrat.
“If you want it, pay for it...try this on for size: no city taxes, just user fees.” February 25, 2009. Tallahassee Democrat.
“Economics, not politicians: Our city's development debate needs a better focus.” November 26, 2007. Tallahassee Democrat.
“Katrina is a wake-up call for United States.” September 5, 2005. Tallahassee Democrat.
“Be grateful for what you have.” December 30, 2004. Tallahassee Democrat.
“TalTran: One piece of the transit puzzle.” October 6, 2004. Tallahassee Democrat.
“U.S. athletes: Foreign approval or passive indifference?” August 20, 2004. Tallahassee Democrat.

Greenville News

"Last decade of growth owed to NAFTA labor.” January 27, 2004. Greenville News.
“Economic forces work for a better America.” November 18, 2003. Greenville News.
“Schools should grade with numbers rather than letters.” December 30, 2002. Greenville News.