Research Interests

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This is meant as a place where I can jot down my evolving interests.  In general, the topics cover applied issues relating to public policy decisions.  Side interests include strategic interactions at a local level, geographical or spatial relationships, political agenda making, and sociology. If possible, I would eventually like to combine theoretical, empirical, and experimental results.


  • How do house price fluctuations impact local government budgets?
  • How does crime and provision of local services change across a state or a metropolitan area?
  • What are the influences of land use policies on criminal activity?  
  • Do traffic patterns divert crime? 


  • How are geospatial boundaries defined in social interactions?
  • Why might land use restrictions or taxation authorities change such boundaries?
  • How might we pick up different incentives between government officials and private citizen?
  • How do all of these things relate to knowledge, services, or a sense of place?


  • Does certain criminal activity (i.e. by type or repeat offense) follow a meaningful pattern over time/space?
  • How do institutions screen away or encourage the likelihood of cooperation from a victim?
  • Are some geographic areas more prone to or complacent with certain types crimes (i.e., an old shipyard with a tall fence and watch dogs doesn't care about crime on the outside)?  
  • In what ways are law enforcers improving their services?  Are they credible signals to criminals?

 Public Ethics

  • Should public (safety) employees be allowed to collectively bargain under federal or state legislation?
  • Is it fair to label people as "sexual predators" after they have served their sentence while murderers, robbers, and white-collar frauds walk away free?

Latin American development

  • If corrupt institutions matter, how can we stimulate economic progress and change from within a country?
  • What is the proper way to combine institutional, political, and social situations when negotiating free-trade agreements and what kinds of punishments are enforceable?

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