As a student, it bothered me when a teacher could not explain how material related to "real" life.  As a teacher, I think it is important to relate lectures to what is happening outside the classroom walls.  My style of teaching mixes textbook concepts with current events, research, and technology.  Students will be actively make sure you are paying attention when you come to class!  Hopefully, the experience will be engaging and fun.  If you are ever confused or have a question, feel free to ask!

At FSU, all course materials (syllabi, reading lists, assignments, lecture notes) and announcements are posted on Blackboard.  Below, you will find a list of courses that I have either taught or served as a TA.  Finding new ways to help students learn is a constant endeavor (see teaching philosophy and student evaluations/comments) so please share any suggestions!

Land Use Regulations I (Fall 2010) & II (Spring 2011)
Econometrics (Summer 2010)
Market Ethics (Spring 2009)
Principles of Microeconomics (Fall 2007, Spring 2008, Summer 2008)
Principles of Macroeconomics (Spring 2008)
Introduction to Economic Thinking (Fall 2007, 2008)
Introduction to Economics (Fall 2003, Spring 2004) 
Limited Dependent Variable Models (Summer 2009)
Econometrics II (Spring 2009)
Microeconomic Theory I (Fall 2008)

Course Development
Online Principles of Microeconomics (Summer 2009)

Tips for using Stata and R

University: Outstanding Teaching Award (2011, also nominated in 2010)
Department: Charles E. Rockwood Teaching Award for "the best teacher among graduate students teaching for the Department" (2011)
Dewey F. Bartlett Fellowship for "a special interest or skills in economics teaching" (2008)