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Title: Econometrics
Term: Summer 2010
Instructor: Will Doerner
Documents: Syllabus

This course relies on statistical tools to measure and analyze real world situations from an economic perspective. Quantitative techniques will help us bridge the gap between what we study in the classroom and what is taking place in the outside world. The idea is to provide training about how to read, interpret, and critically evaluate results from a statistical or regression output.

Check the Blackboard web site for announcements and materials.  You should watch the video below because we will be using Stata frequently.

Stata - Tutorial on the basics

After you watch the tutorial on the basics, you are ready to experiment with Stata.  Start by learning how to import data.  Watch the video below.  Also, you can download DO files with commands and tricks I use to "import files" or "clean up data."

Stata - Importing files